Preparations for the Tokyo Olympics


Peparations for the Tokyo Olympics




(Japanese ka-bo- writes this article.

Sorry for a poor English.)


The from Friday, July 24, 2020 to Sunday, August 9 Tokyo Olympics

The from Tuesday, August 25, 2020 to Sunday, September 6 Tokyo Paralympics

It is held!


I think that many people gather in Japan.

From the countries as well as a Japanese of the world.


Therefore may you not feel slightly uneasy? ?


"What is it in a Japanese rule?" 


I gathered it up about Japanese culture, rule and the thing that you should prepare for to meet such a question this time.


When you come to Japan if good, please refer to it!



The Tokyo Olympics, the Tokyo Paralympics

At first I want to talk about the Japanese culture and rule.


Rules of Town




・treat the garbage by oneself

・follow the turn

・In the hot spring and the pool, a tattoo is put under ban

・Most of Japanese are shy



treat the garbage by oneself


Please bring it by oneself whether you throw away the garbage which you buy a thing and eat, and appeared to the trash box.

I think that I look and know the town of Japan.

It is  beautiful!

It will prevent you from breaking such a cityscape.



follow the turn


If they are honest, and there is the line including a restaurant and the train which are a race to follow a rule, the Japanese will line up well.



In the hot spring and the pool, a tattoo is put under ban


Do not pour it into a hot spring and the pool when I put a tattoo in a body.

Places prohibiting are often found.

You will check it beforehand.



Most of Japanese are shy


Most of Japanese have a shy character.

They do not talk from themself.

But there are many people who return it if I ask you a question and is because there are many kind people.

When we lost our way, you hear it, and let's look.



Rules of Meal




・Do not need the tip

・The cigarette is decided to undergo a place to breathe



Do not need the tip


There is no custom of the tip in Japan.

The thanks will close in a heart.



The cigarette is decided to undergo a place to breathe


As for the cigarette, a place to breathe is decided.

Because it is shared with smoking and No smoking well at restaurants. Let's go to smoking if we want to breathe it.



Rules of Train




・You refrain from the calls in the train

・There is a women-only car

・Make mutual concessions



You refrain from the calls in the train


The Japanese refrains from the calls in the train as much as possible.

The voice of the telephone is because it is annoyed around.

So you will really call only at the time of emergency.



There is a women-only car


There is a women-only car in the Japanese train.

Because only a woman can get on by vehicle, the man will get on the other vehicle.



Offer a seat to each other


The Japanese is a race to offer a seat to if there are the elderly.

You sit in the seat, and if there are the elderly, let's offer it.


These are Japanese rules!



I want to talk about a necessary preparations thing in Japan.



Preparations thing




I think that there is not the thing to set up particularly.

It is cash to think that it is necessary forcibly.


Credit cards spread in Japan, but are not card society still more in comparison with foreign countries.


The shop not to sell has only cash in the traditional shop.

So cash will always last!





The above was the preparations for the Tokyo Olympics.

Japan has many rules, but let's follow the Japanese culture.

Please enjoy because Japan is a really good place!


Have a good day!

Thank you!